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To provide you with the best Personalized Movie Poster that we can create for you,
we will need for you to provide us with the BEST, MOST INTERESTING photos you can find.

All photos should be sharp, clear, high resolution images taken on a DSLR camera
but if all you have is from your iPhone, that's okay too.

The IMPORTANT thing here is that the photos are INTERESTING!!!

We ask you to provide us with 10 of your best photos maximum.
Photos should be of the main person the Movie Poster is made for,
their family, close friends, whomever you choose, objects, and or places.
PLEASE NOTE: We may not be using all photos that you supply us.
We just need multiple images to work with to create your story.


Please make sure the photos were taken by you or the person supplying the photos.
You may purchase your own stock photos and supply those as well.
The main point here is that you have the copyrights on the photos and have a legal right to use them.

Images of People

YOU, your family, your friends, etc.; depending on the type of movie poster you would like:
Comedy, Action, Drama, etc... should reflect your genre of choice. Great photos would be:

  • Close up headshot
  • Not looking into the camera
  • Looking directly into the camera
  • Side profile shots
  • 3/4 Angle headshots
  • Looking out into the distance
  • Pensive serious look (unless you want a comedy poster?)
  • Smiling photos are fine too, but it will be less dramatic looking depending on the genre you choose.
  • Fun crazy pose or action shot (kicking, jumping, dancing, etc.)

Other Types of Images

  • Unusual objects
  • Interesting landscapes
  • Personal items, places, or things that would help tell the story of the "star" of the poster.

To begin the order process, first answer this questionnaire to provide us with some creative direction to begin your movie poster.

Your custom personalized Movie Poster will cost $200 payable upfront before work commences.

Take advantage of our
Special Website Pre-Launch Price of $50.
Limited to the FIRST 5 Paid orders ONLY!!!


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